About us Admin February 6, 2020
Hi I'm Violette

Hi, I’m Violette, the founder of Violette Naturals.


Nearly a decade ago, my hobby turned into a rewarding side business. I love connecting with customers and fellow fermenting enthusiasts. Sharing my A2 Raw milk kefir grains has been a delightful journey into this vibrant community.


I personally tend to my ferments daily, ensuring top quality before packaging them fresh. My live milk kefir grains are expertly fermented in A2 Raw cow milk and work well with non-dairy milks too.


Thank you to everyone who has supported my business and shared tips and recipes.


– Violette


Fermenting my food not only enhanced the flavor but I love how it made me feel. It was easier to digest too!

Now I have had so many customers report their own health improvements, including their pets! (Yes, fermented foods are great for your furry loved ones too!) 

So I'm inspired to continue to share my Fermenting Starter Cultures with people!

With years of experience in fermentation, I offer strong starter cultures to help you jumpstart making these foods at home!