About us Admin February 6, 2020
Hi I'm Violette

What started out as a hobby almost 10 years ago has turned into such a rewarding side hustle!

I’ve had such fun chatting with customers & learning from fellow fermenting enthusiasts. Not expecting that sharing my raw milk kefir grains would be such a hit & way into this fermenting community! 

I daily tend to my ferments, and only send out what I myself make & approve the quality of. Always packaged fresh, my Starter Cultures are fermented expertly,

So here’s a big thanks to all those who’ve bought my products & enjoyed exchanging tips & recipes!

If you’d like to share your fermenting knowledge or looking to get started, send me a message- I’m happy to chat!

– Violette


was the first ferment I made, after that, I was hooked! Fermenting my food not only enhanced the flavor but I love how it made me feel.

Now I have had so many customers report their own health improvements, including their pets! (Yes, fermented foods are great for your furry loved ones too!)

With years of experience in fermentation, I offer strong starter cultures to help you jumpstart making these foods at home!