Sourdough Starter {Dehydrated Organic Whole Wheat Flour & Milk Kefir Whey fed!}VioletteJune 19, 2024June 20, 2024

Sourdough Starter {Dehydrated Organic Whole Wheat Flour & Milk Kefir Whey fed!}


Dehydrated Sourdough Starter – Probiotic-Rich and Ready for Action

Jumpstart your sourdough journey with my dehydrated starter, packed with active probiotics, yeast, and bacteria strains.

What’s Included:

  • 15-20 grams of dehydrated organic whole wheat flour starter, fermented with homemade kefir whey for fast, strong fermentation.
  • A 4-page printed “Beginners Sourdough Loaf Recipe” with Q&A.
  • Link to a rehydration video: Watch Here.

This hearty starter, fed with organic whole wheat flour and homemade milk kefir whey, ensures quick bubbling and strong fermentation. Rehydrate and enjoy baking sourdough with enhanced flavor and easy digestibility.



My starter is dehydrated at 95 degrees, leaving the probiotic/yeast/bacteria strains safe & VERY active!

Use my Strong Starter to jumpstart making sourdough at home!

What’s Included:

+ 15-20 grams of dehydrated Organic whole wheat Flour starter fermented with my own homemade Kefir Whey, not water!
This packs it with my hearty milk kefir’s probiotic/yeast/bacteria strains for fast and strong bubbly fermenting powder! See for yourself when fermenting this starter & loaves you bake with it!

+ My 4 Page Printed “Beginners Sourdough Loaf Recipe” (includes a helpful Q&A section)

+ Link to my Full video of how to rehydrate my Sourdough Starter:

+ NOTE: Tracking Included!


As someone who loves all things fermented, naturally Sourdough fermented with homemade Milk Kefir Whey had to be added to my pantry!

Not being a fan of commercialized bread yeast or mass-produced packaged sourdough starters, I set out on the adventure of culturing my own.
Having a kitchen of ferments (Raw Milk Kefir & Kombucha) my starter took off quickly & far exceeded the norm because it was fed by not only the naturally occurring yeasts of the Organic whole wheat flour, but also my other ferment’s yeasts & bacteria in the air!
So my starter is hearty, packing a strong & quick fermenting power. It will start to bubble within just hours of feeding after the initial 24 hours of you rehydrating it!

I feed it with Organic whole wheat flour & my homemade Milk Kefir whey.

I then grind it into powder for easy rehydration.

Although dehydrated, my dry starter is still very much alive! It is simply in a dormant state and needs to be reactivated. It contains the original beneficial lactic acid bacteria and wild yeasts that grew within it while hydrated. These yeasts & bacteria are responsible for making a sourdough starter bubble, and sourdough bread rise without commercial yeast.

Some sellers claim Dehydrated takes longer to get going, but mine will be fermented within 12-24 hours.


~~~~~~{Milk Kefir Enhances Sourdough’s Easy Digestion}~~~~~~~

Sourdough is easier to digest as it breaks down gluten (this was a big plus for me, as I have a hard time digesting wheat products)

To further enhance the digestibility, I added natural probiotics by fermenting it 24-72 hours with homemade milk kefir whey! It makes for an amazing cheesy flavor (similar to that of nutritional yeast)

I grow my Milk Kefir Grains in very limited batches, ensuring very healthy grains (see my other listing if you’re interested in buying some and making milk kefir at home!

I’ve been making kefir for nearly a decade & I’ve combined multiple grains to have what I deem a “super-multi-strain, probiotic-rich” grains.