How to make Nuts & Seeds More Digestible Admin April 15, 2022

How to make Nuts & Seeds More Digestible

Having developed severe food sensitivities, my “allowed foods list” quickly dwindled- along with my nutrition intake and energy. This challenged me to find new ways of preparing food to avoid triggering a crippling dizzy spell or game-stopping stomach pain.

I loved eating nuts and seeds, but they became some of the worst trigger foods. So I started fermenting them to remove their phytic acid and improve their digestibility. I used homemade raw milk kefir whey to ferment and make their nutrition even more bioavailable. I’ve heard fermentation can also break down pesticide residues, saving my liver the hassle. 

Since I’ve been doing this, I no longer get intense stomach pain or dizziness- proof the whey has done its job! 

With this super simple prep process I can eat raw fermented nuts and seeds again! My daily smoothies and salads are more delicious & nutritious too!   

the science behind it

Nuts and seeds have enzyme inhibitors and anti nutrients which can lead to malnutrition & inflammation. And those with Leaky Guts or impaired digestion are extra sensitive to these problematic compounds. The phytic acid naturally present on nuts & seeds binds & robs us of their minerals and inhibits our body’s enzymes from digesting our food.  

So a diet high in improperly prepared phytic acid-containing foods like nuts, seeds, grains and beans can lead to mineral deficiencies, inhibiting many of our bodily systems from functioning properly. This is how food sensitivities, IBS, Leaky Gut, and over time,  other health consequences like hormone disruption, and organ malfunctions can occur. 

This has recently become a major health issue because we have stopped practicing traditional food preparation (and consuming foods contaminated via commercial farming practices). Traditional cuisines and pre-industrialized peoples understood the need to soak or ferment their grains, beans, nuts, and seeds before eating them. This proper preparation can neutralize a large portion of these anti nutrients. 

The soaking & fermentation processes not only neutralizes phytic acid and enzyme inhibitors, but also increases the vitamin content, particularly B vitamins. Tannins, complex sugars, gluten, and other difficult-to-digest substances are also partially broken down into simpler components that are more readily available for absorption. 

So try fermenting your organic nuts and seeds in fresh homemade milk kefir whey and add them back into your diet a small handful at a time.  

If you don’t make your own milk kefir and therefore don’t have any whey, you can always just soak them in water in your fridge over night. This will remove the phytic acid, but doesn’t produce the higher nutrient  bioavailability nor break down pesticide residue like when fermented in whey.          

I hope this gives you encouragement to find and explore new ways to keep a full selection of whole healing foods in your diet!

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