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In-depth Guide to Making Homemade Milk Kefir


These are my Milk Kefir Grains, fermented in raw cow milk, paired with a complimentary in-depth PDF Guide ($10 value). Having fermented milk kefir over 9 years, my robust grains promise optimal enzyme and nutritional benefits. Each teaspoon ferments 1/3 cup of immune-boosting milk kefir within 12-24 hours, multiplying in quantity with each use. Orders include prompt & tracked shipping for freshness.



This is a 18 page Digital Download (PDF) In-depth Guide to Making Homemade Milk Kefir:

———-ABOUT THE GUIDE: ————-

I am always so happy when someone decides to make Milk Kefir at home. From my own health improvements to the testimonies of my customers, I’m a big advocate for this delicious, fermented drink! It’s why I’ve decided to create this in-depth 18 page guide!

I can say that after nearly 9 years of trial and error, I’ve mastered culturing this probiotic-rich beverage!

If you follow this guide, you’ll be making kefir year-round. I even include what to do if you need to take a break from making so you don’t kill your grains (i.e. Vacations or business trips!)


1) Nutrient Content of Homemade Milk Kefir

2) Making Milk Kefir at Home: Simple Steps to Getting Started

3) Pro Tips & Troubleshooting

4) Using Goat milk

5) Yeasty Kefir? Guide to Changing Yeasty & Tart Kefir to Creamy & Healthy Deliciousness

6) Transitioning Milk Kefir Grains to Ferment Non-dairy Milks

7) Converting Milk kefir Grains to Water Kefir Grains

8) Making Farmers Cheese

9) Delicious recipes like: Kefir Blueberry muffins, Keto Almond Flatbread, Kefir d’Pollen

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P.s.: This is my original work- Please do not duplicate or share without permission- Thank you for understanding & supporting my small business! 🙂


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