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Raw Milk Kefir Grains + Medium Fine Mesh Strainer


These are my Milk Kefir Grains, fermented in A2 Raw cow milk, includes a Medium 8.5”L x 4.5”D Fine Mesh Strainer to easily separate the grains from the finished kefir when starting new batches daily.

Also includes my complimentary in-depth PDF Guide ($10 value). Having fermented milk kefir over 9 years, my robust grains promise optimal enzyme and nutritional benefits. Each teaspoon ferments 1/3 cup of immune-boosting milk kefir within 12-24 hours, multiplying in quantity with each use. Orders include prompt & tracked shipping for freshness.

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I’ve been making kefir for nearly 9 years. I send you my very own strong & vibrant grains that have been grown in raw & organic cow milk for full enzyme and nutrition benefit.

I make my kefir in small batches, keeping the quality high to ensure the grains make healthy kefir for everyone who buys them.

I’ve combined grains from multiple sources to have what I deem a “Super Multi-Strain, Probiotic-rich Grains”. Your improvement in digestion and health will be the proof!



I’ve sourced raw dairy milk kefir grains from Alaska & other parts of the USA to combine into one hearty blend to help line your gut with probiotics, while still giving delicious flavor & creamy texture.

Kefir Grains are bacteria & yeasts that differ in potency depending what milk is used & their culturing environment. Organic farmers feed their dairy animals various diets so by selecting milk from those doing it right will enhance your milk with nutrients. Combining grains from various locations will add unique types of bacteria & yeasts to offer wider variety of benefits.



Your order of 1 Teaspoon of Kefir Grains is enough to culture 1/3 cup of Immune strengthening Milk kefir within 12-24 hours after arrival! Keep in mind the grains multiply with every batch you make! By your 3-4th batch you should have 2x as many grains & quantity of Kefir!



☆》All Orders Include access to my downloadable Fermenting Guide that includes photos, tips & tricks I’ve learned over the years (including Instructions for storing your kefir grains while on vacation)

☆》Every order is Shipped as a PACKAGE > Tracking number is included! { Better ensure you get your grains fast & fresh!}

☆》The grains are shipped live (undehydrated) & ready to start culturing as soon as they arrive!

NOTE: When your kefir grains are delivered, be sure to bring them inside right away. They’ll be hungry, so feed them immediately. Avoid leaving them in the mailbox for too long, as extreme weather can harm or kill them.



Fermented food (like milk kefir) Is naturally immune boosting because it’s vitamins, minerals and nutritional components are naturally enhanced via the work done by the Lactobacillus bacteria in the kefir grains (which also makes the fermentation process happen!). So all the milk’s calcium, vitamin D3, K, Magnesium, probiotics (ect!!) are multiplied and easily absorbed by our bodies! Also, Lactobacillus bacteria colonizes in our upper/small intestines ( where most our bodies immunity support takes place) This friendly bacteria helps your intestines break down the food you eat and absorb the nutrients + combats the toxins and bad bacteria that come into your body!



Pasteurized milk is cooked, contains no probiotics or enzymes, & packed with lab-made vitamins the body can’t use! Our bodies either excrete the fake vitamins in urine, or the liver stores them as toxins in fat until it can detox them..! Also the chemical structure of commercialized milk when put under the microscope is completely different than r*aw. Researchers say it’s not even milk! So, please try to buy r*aw milk {google local farmers markets or health food stores in your area} to keep the grains you buy from me happy! & reap all the health benefits too!!



~☆》My grains will Ferment Goat, Coconut & Almond milks if that’s your preference-Message me & I’ll send you my free guide (PDF)
~☆》(Q? > A!) If you’re new to culturing Kefir, message me! (no purchase necessary, of course!) I’m very happy to help & provide more specific health info! 😉)



If You’re interested in seeing the actual process of me preparing your order, Here is a quick Video!: https://www.instagram.com/reel/Cq8a0SdAh13/?igshid=NTc4MTIwNjQ2YQ==
– This way you can see that my Grains are Super Healthy & Fluffy & they’ll make you great Kefir!











Please note that due to the live nature of kefir cultures, returns cannot be accepted. All sales are final. If you encounter difficulties in making kefir, it is recommended to reach out to the seller for assistance. Often, people mistakenly assume that their kefir grains have gone bad and dispose of them before seeking guidance. Instead, it is advised to contact the seller for troubleshooting and advice.
Legal Disclaimer:
None of the above statements are F*D* A reviewed. Nor does my product promise any health benefits. Consult Personal Physician before use. Per FL l*aw, raw cow milk is sold for pet consumption only, which I use to culture my grains. Consumption is at the sole discretion of the buyer. – I drink it every day! 🙂


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