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Small-batch Fermented Cultures

for you to jumpstart making real food at home


Raw Milk Kefir Grains

Live Raw Milk Kefir Grains

Whole Wheat Sourdough

Hearty Sourdough Starter 


My Scobys & Starter Tea 


with Violette for Troubleshooting Fermenting Milk Kefir


Healing the Body to Aid
Our Spiritual Walk with Christ

Hi, I’m Violette Lazarev!

I believe that an unhealthy body can hinder our spiritual walk with Christ. The unhealthier our bodies, the unhealthier our minds, and the harder our spirit has to work to walk with the Lord. 

I have concluded that returning to traditional ways of food preparation and preservation is a key to attaining and maintaining good health and a peaceful walk of faith. It is why I make and offer probiotic-rich cultures in small batches, and here to help those seeking to add fermenting foods into their lives. Violette Naturals is my way of helping people add simple dietary & spiritual changes to nourish the mind & lighten their spirit’s load.


Learn to Ferment Raw Milk Kefir

Virtually invite me into your kitchen with a live 45 min Zoom class! I’ll show you how to make Milk Kefir, and all the basics of getting started fermenting this delicious probiotic-rich drink! Get on my email list to be notified when classes start!
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